TXN – Texas Instruments

Excuse me if I don’t speak stockbroker. My investment philosophies aren’t very well stated in financialese. The internet of things (IoT) is coming. It’s just that BSMF is investing based on what will be making money for a while. Using a company’s current quarterly guidances to determine its value, is a lot like determining your overall, long-term health by what you had for lunch.

Texas Instruments is developing technologies that are going to be used by the Internet of Things. In fact they have lots of information available on their efforts on their site. Most of it the stuff they talk about I don’t understand any better than stockbrokerese.

This much is clear, though. It won’t be long before almost everything will be connected to the internet or at least able to connect to the internet. Household things like clocks, coffee pots, washers & dryers, thermostats, televisions, sound systems, and toasters, watches, and cars are just the beginning. It won’t be too long before just about everything is internet connected. I’m guessing underwear and certain toiletries may escape, but the IoT is coming.

BSMF is ready.