TXN – Texas Instruments

Excuse me if I don’t speak stockbroker. My investment philosophies aren’t very well stated in financialese. The internet of things (IoT) is coming. It’s just that BSMF is investing based on what will be making money for a while. Using a company’s current quarterly guidances to determine its value, is a lot like determining your overall, long-term health by what you had for lunch.

Texas Instruments is developing technologies that are going to be used by the Internet of Things. In fact they have lots of information available on their efforts on their site. Most of it the stuff they talk about I don’t understand any better than stockbrokerese.

This much is clear, though. It won’t be long before almost everything will be connected to the internet or at least able to connect to the internet. Household things like clocks, coffee pots, washers & dryers, thermostats, televisions, sound systems, and toasters, watches, and cars are just the beginning. It won’t be too long before just about everything is internet connected. I’m guessing underwear and certain toiletries may escape, but the IoT is coming.

BSMF is ready.



It seems that one issue will be off my plate. We seem to have found an occupant for Gene’s Stop & Go. We’ll most likely start off with a lease. We’ll start doing the actual work on that this week.

The signing up process for becoming a candidate has ended. My opponent is Tyler Trimble. All the other races have either one or two candidates, so there won’t be any city council positions on the August ballot. I’m just learning this stuff as I go. As soon as I figure out how, I’ll put up a support thingy to allow those so inclined to donate to the campaign.

There’s not much to tell, so far. We’re just getting started.

Ray Meyers for City Council

campaign ad.jpgTheAD

Day 1

I can’t run Gene’s Stop & Go anymore. I came home to Montesano because my health issues forced me to give up my other career. We have lots of family in the area, and Gene’s Stop & Go was for sale. Then as I started to feel better I pushed myself too hard running Gene’s until I pushed myself to almost the breaking point. Twelve- and fourteen-hour days on my feet is just more than I can do now. It was fun and I miss it, but I have to move on.

So, yesterday I went to the county auditor’s office and entered myself as a candidate for the City Council – Position #6. The city council almost certainly won’t run my butt off for 12 hours in any day.

My goal as a councilman will be to influence the decision-making process in a way that ensures the citizens of Montesano receive the maximum benefit from every dollar spent, and every action taken by the city government. I don’t have any pies in the sky to point to and brag about. I just want to do my part to keep getting the right things done – streets repaired, city services working, police and fire department properly equipped – the regular stuff we all expect.

Next, I’d like to ensure that any other projects work out to a net gain in value for those of us who live here – either in real dollars of business coming to town, or in quality of life.

Then, I’d like to promote the idea of attracting modern industry to town – web developers, software engineers, programmers, app developers, internet entrepreneurs. Also, there are a lot of tech companies in the Seattle area who could easily relocate some of their work to telecommuters here – Microsoft and Amazon just to name a couple. I’m not sure what steps to take, but I’m sure there are smart people in Montesano who can figure it out. All of those would bring money into town – improving business, adding jobs, raising housing values, and increasing city revenue.

Besides complaining about politics, this is my first involvement. I don’t know a thing about campaigning. I can stand up and talk, though. I was an instructor for eight years. Running off at the mouth is one of my skills. Those of you who know more about politicking than me will be welcomed for advice and guidance.

That’s all for now. I’ll update the site as the campaign develops.